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Scott Sherman

The work of Scott Sherman is, at its core, rooted in the time-honored craft of visual storytelling. His wide variety of creations span from the more traditional worlds of fine art and illustration, all the way into the eclectic sphere of theme park ride and show design. The tools he employs to create these visual tales, likewise shift dramatically, from the more common mediums of paint and sculpture into digital realms that include 2D/3D art and CGI animation. As a storyteller, Scott strives to lead the viewer on a journey through the work and, hopefully, strike some emotional chord that will resonate within them. The stories can be as simple as moving the eyes and perceptions of a viewer through areas of abstraction in an oil painting, to literally taking them on a thrilling ride through an amazing fantasy environment. In his seven years at WDI, he was best known as the show designer and art director for the 20,000 Leagues under the Sea attraction at Tokyo DisneySea. He guided the ride from concept through production, and ultimately directed its successful field installation.

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