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Scott Seeto

The artistic styling of Scott Seeto brings new life into the Warner Bros family of cartoon characters where Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Penelope Cat and Pepe Le Pew seem to grow outward from the canvas. His traditional undertones has been likened to those by artists such as Degas. In Penelope and Pepe’s The Kitty In Red, both dance the tango with a deep sense of passion on their faces. Not only does it seem they might twist and bound out of the frame, the viewers can also feel the attraction between the characters. Undoubtedly, work like this does not arrive overnight. Scott, a Queens, New York native, began drawing at the age of eight. When not painting life into Looney Tunes characters, Scott is painting pastel landscape scenes. But Scott’s talents don’t stop there. His work has also taken him into the realm of man and flight. An avid lover of aviation, who hopes to one day fly his own plane, Scott has taken his interests to the sky with his painted aviation scenes. As he has with his work with the world of animation, Scott is now beginning to enjoy accolades from the aviation art world. Scott’s aviation paintings have been exhibited inside the Cradle of Aviation in Long Island, NY. After years at Disney and Warner Bros., Scott now has his own freelance business where he is currently very busy creating art of Harry Potter for Warner Bros., and various projects for Disney and other companies.

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