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Dick Sprang

Now referred to as "the good Batman artist," Dick Sprang began working for DC Comics in 1941 creating some of the most memorable Batman and Detective Comics covers and stories during his tenure there until 1963. He drew the first appearance of The Riddler in Detective Comics #140 (Oct. 1948) and is the co-creator of the Riddler next to Bill Finger (who co-created half the Bat-Universe). Sprang was responsible for the 1948 redesign of the Batmobile. Sprang worked on World's Finest Comics featuring the team-up of Superman and Batman-replacing artist Curt Swan. He also worked on an issue that featured the first prototype Supergirl. Dick’s last comic work was during the Silver Age, appearing in Detective Comics #308, dated October, 1963. In 1984, after being out of the comics field for twenty-one years, Dick was re-discovered by Fandom and began doing cover recreation commissions on a limited basis for various collectors. In 1987 he was hired back by DC to do special pin-up pages and occasional covers for Detective Comics, which he then was able to sign his name to. After working anonomously in comics for many years as a "Ghost" artist for Bob Kane, Dick finally received some long overdue credit for his artistic contributions to the four-color genre.
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