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Amy Sol

Amy Sol is an American painter born in 1981 in South Korea. Her father, a military man in the U.S. Air Force, traveled frequently between there and Las Vegas where Ms. Sol grew up. Her parents state that Amy Sol was drawing before she began to write. She has related that she remembers drawing scenes, animals, and people. She has no formal art education, but that hardly matters. By her telling, she has spent the time one might have spent studying, perfecting her technique, palette, and medium. Sol states that she begins a painting on wooden panel with a wash, multiple layers of acrylic and glaze, finishing with a glaze to seal the work. There is very little written or published on her beginnings. Almost all of what is known about Sol is from her blog about herself or interviews. Apparently, she's very humble. What she does expound upon are her influences and, vaguely, her techniques. She claims as inspiration a combination of manga, Korean folk-art, vintage illustration and modern design. She sites as influences Range Murata and Kay Nielsen, both well known illustrators in their own right and times. Murata is a Japanese illustrator famous, in Japan, for combining Japanese Anime and Art Deco. Nielsen was popular in the early twentieth century in "the golden age of illustration." Sol prefers to use acrylics over oils, but she has spent many years developing her particular palette of colors. This can be readily seen in her work. She also prefers to paint on wooden panel rather than canvas. She states that she uses the grain of the wood to guide her work.

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