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Alan Bodner and Harry Sabin

Alan Bodner is an award-winning artist and art director whose work ranges from some of the world’s most recognized cartoon characters to multidimensional pieces that combine patterns and shapes into unique conceptual presentations. Bodner is currently the art director on The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, a Cartoon Network original series. Previously, Bodner was the art director on the Emmy-nominated Disney Channel hit series Kim Possible and the bestselling Disney home video Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas. Prior to that, Bodner’s credits include the Warner Bros. hit animated feature Iron Giant, for which he won an Annie Award, and the now-classic Bugs Bunny short Carrotblanca, which was included with the special DVD edition of Casablanca. Combining his experience as a highly successful studio art director with his inherent sense of color, shape and design, Bodner has moved away from animation in his personal work. He has spent the past couple of years creating innovative pieces of art that reflect his unique perspective and vision of the world around him. Bodner’s pieces are diverse in style while still remaining consistent to the artist’s distinct thoughtfulness and design. When Bodner’s art is closely observed, one can sense a certain edgy quality that is a subtle offset to the beauty of the color scheme, shapes and patterns of the overall image. Bodner then incorporates the dramatic element of assemblage which give his creations dimension and a cohesive consciousness. Bodner began his career working on shows such as Mighty Mouse,The Fat Albert Show and Heckle & Jeckle after graduating from the prestigious Art Center College of Design. Bodner currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. Harry Sabin is the supervising storyboard artist on the upcoming animated feature film, Li’l Pimp at Revolution Studios. An alumnus of California Institute of Arts, his work as a story artist and animator has appeared in many Warner Bros. animated productions, including theatrical shorts, Box Office Bunny, Carrotblanca, commercials for McDonald’s and Nike, and feature films Space Jam and The Iron Giant. During his Warner Bros. tenure, he co-created with Alan Bodner the popular Portrait Series and Arts and Leisure limited editions for the Warner Bros. Studio Stores, featuring the Looney Tunes characters. Sabin’s appealing drawings convey the spirit of Looney Tunes, giving the sense that behind the alluring pose is an anvil waiting to be dropped.

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